View Full Version : [ubuntu] Update Messed Up Graphics Driver

February 8th, 2010, 02:28 AM
Downloaded a few recommended updates the other day and shut my PC down. Turned it back on tonight and now my "graphics card is not detected". No idea what the updates were or how to find out what the were. Is there a log file? The computer is now running in "low graphics mode" and my resolution is 800 x 600 and running at 85 Hz. I can't increase it any higher then this. I think Ubuntu is using a generic nvidia driver at the moment. My wireless NIC is acting up as well. Everything ran perfectly before the update. Not sure what other information I can provide to help.

Edit: Actually I think I am just going to reinstall and turn off all updates. My last 3 threads haven't got a response in a month so I doubt this one will either. Can't remember how to delete posts so if a mod reads this please remove it. Thanks.