View Full Version : [all variants] iPod, gtkpod & amarok

February 6th, 2010, 03:30 PM
I'm running Karmic on my desktop, and I've used amarok before. No issues. I've seen at least one post where someone has mentioned the ability to use amarok to sync with their iPod. I was trying to do this, but can't figure out any way to make it happen. I don't see any settings I can change to recognize the iPod. I don't see any buttons, commands, or other tools that allow me to recognize ANY type of .mp3 player, especially an iPod. I also have two iRiver .mp3 players I would like to use, if possible. Should amarok recognize these devices automatically?

I found a few posts that mentioned gtkpod, and the user said it worked great. So I tried that. Downloaded fine, connected, recognized my device, etc. I got a little stumped on the "Repository" thing, but I figured that out too. I was able to remove songs from the iPod, but when I try to upload new stuff, I get error messages that tell me the song/file can't be converted. I have no idea what this means. Do I need to convert the files to a particular type before uploading to the iPod? .mp4?

Can anyone help with either of these issues relating to amarok or gtkpod? Thanks.