View Full Version : [ubuntu] Trouble installing Ubuntu 9.10 desktop AND server

February 1st, 2010, 09:50 PM
I have recently acquired an IBM x345 rack server. I moved some machines around and i'm using a dell gx620 and a dell gx280 along with the x345. The two dells will run ubuntu server and the IBM will have desktop installed. As of now, 9.04 installs flawlessly on all 3. when trying to do a clean install or even an upgrade from 9.04 on any of these machines, I have various issues. on the gx620, it boots fine to a login prompt, but the keyboard eventually (after about 10 seconds?) stops typing. I can hit ctrl alt delete to reboot, but thats it. I can ssh into the machine just fine. I NEED to be able to type at the machine because I have an encrypted disk that mounts at boot and requires a password.

The gx280, I don't remember the exact error (i will try a reinstall for the error if necessary not sure it matters considering the amount of issues i am having) but I get some sort of error at boot the demands a restart... start loop of reboots.

The IBM now, It boots to the cd fine, but when i select live cd or install, it looks to be loading files from cd drive for about 5 seconds, then the screen goes blank and a blinking cursor displays forever. I tried Xubuntu desktop just for something different and of course same result (obviously).

[edit] Apparently if i let the IBM sit for about 5 minutes at the blinking cursor, it will continue to the ubuntu logo loading screen, but in a frozen state. Logo is dim and everything freezes. Going to try a text based installer very quickly.. [edit]

I have searched for solutions all over, I can't find anything. I know for a fact that 9.10 was installed on the IBM previously without issues. I have tried the alternate installer. I have tried re-burning the media. testing the media in a VM on my mac verifies the disc is fine.

Any suggestions? I dont know what other information i can provide on this, but ask and I will be happy to provide it.