View Full Version : [all variants] Atom D510 wont work with any 9.10! Help!

February 1st, 2010, 06:04 PM
Hey All,

So I've purchased the Intel BOXD510MO Intel Atom D510 to build a personal file server. Having major issues, whenever I try to load or boot or whatever from a 9.10 variant, nothing happens. I've tried various methods and none have worked. What I've tried so far:
-Ubuntu 9.10 server
-9.10 IPIA
-9.10 alternative
-9.10 live (wont even boot to the live os)
-xubuntu 9.10
-xubuntu 9.10 from a flash drive
-ubuntu 9.10 from a flash drive
-installed 9.04 ubuntu and then upgraded to 9.10 (9.04 loads and installs just fine. however after upgrading to 9.10 nothing happens just a black screen after install and reboot. tried various boots and nothing works).
Windows 7 loads and installs just fine, same with any 9.04 variant. I've tried to search online and it seems that it is only me with this issue. please help!