View Full Version : [ubuntu] error while installing ubuntu 9.10 desktop

February 1st, 2010, 03:09 PM
i am trying to install ubuntu 9.10 desktop on my pc installed with windows xp. i downloaded iso image, checked the md5sum , burnt the cd. now i am trying to insert the cd to install ubuntu software. after pressing f12 ,i can see ubuntu options like english,after i select english, it showed options like install ubuntu,check cd for damages.
no matter which option i select i can only see a blank screen with underscore at leftmost top. i tried to google it, but i never found an exact solution . can someone provide me a solution.

Note : since it is not working i tried another option i.e installing from cd in windows. when i rebooted i found two os options windows xp and ubuntu. when i selected the ubuntu option a message occurred saying windows error, a hal.dll file is corrpt or missing.