View Full Version : Glassfish v3.0 Virtual Servers not working.

February 1st, 2010, 08:28 AM
I made a simple webapplication named MyFirstWebApp and i am trying to configure Virtual Server but it's not working. Here is a list of what i did :

Under Virtual Servers node i created a new Virtual server
id: jacc
Host : www.jacc.com
Default Web Module: MyFirstWebApp
Clicked Ok to create Virtual Server

Then went to Network Listener and added a new Network Listener

Name: MyListener
Protocol: MyListener-protocol
Port: 8888
Selected Default Web Server : jacc

Then again went to jacc Virtual server and selected Network Listener as MyListener

Then went under Applications node and for MyFirstWebApp selected Default Virtual Server as jacc

Lastly, restarted the server and went into hosts file and added entry jacc.com

Then i went into browser and typed :


for all of the above i get webpage cannot be displayed. What can be wrong here?
Another thing is if removed Default web module (MyFirstWebApp) then i go in browser and type

it shows one page "your server is up and running"

Please help me. It's now almost 2 days trying to solve this.