View Full Version : [kubuntu] Problem with Firefox / Torbutton

January 31st, 2010, 06:53 PM
Hi everybody,

I just installed Tor from the Tor Project's website on Kubuntu 9.10, following their installation guide.

I installed from their repository, as their website claimed that the Universe packet was outdated and a possible security risk. Is this correct?

Then I installed Polipo, also as indicated by their installation guide using their configuration file. This was not as easy as expected because the Tor-packet had somehow installed and started privoxy but it was gone after a reboot, strange magic...? Can somebody explain this?

My current problem is Torbutton, the installation guide advised to install as well. It installed from mozdev.org with "use polipo" prechecked.

ATM all of Firefoxes traffic goes through the tor network, no matter if torbutton shows "Tor activated" or "Tor deactivated". How can I fix this/where can I look for the misconfiguration?

One last question: Will Torbutton work with Firefoxes script blocker and cookie managing add-ons like NoScript or CS lite or will all that add-on magic interfere in a negative way? Would it be better to configure an individual secure Browser instead of switching the proxy?