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January 31st, 2010, 06:50 PM
HI all guitarist.

I am playing blues and still learning new things. I started playing when I was fourteen years old. I learned a d blues and a scale and from there on I learned the rest my self.

Because I have a disease which causes inflammation in the joints often I have a tendecy to get inflammamations in the wrist pretty often so I dont play as fast any more as I could before. I therefor picked up the slide more recently in the last year or so. I play open d and standard tuning.

back a couple of years ago I learned open d tuning but still mess around with the scales. I am not so good at them as I am in standard tuning.

just now I played a new tuning I invented for the occation. just changed the g string and the high e string from a open d tuning into something a bit sad and darker and more country sounding because I was bored with the clean nice sound open d has.

So I would like to ask for tutorials even I went straight trough all I could find on youtube the last couple of month and even got a book with some chords and scales from all the most well known open tunings.

off course I would like to become better at it . not that I dont play standard tuning anymore. because I use that the most on the electric guitar. just sit at night wathcing television and fingerpicking and improving my slide guitar on a acustic.

Can anyone point to some really good tutorials. ressurces. reference material to listen to . I know that robert jonhson played open g and jimi hendrix played standard tuning one step down. joni mitchell did never learn to play standard tuning bit uses all otehr tunings. I need more music to listen to to get to know the sounds of the different tunings better.


January 31st, 2010, 10:42 PM
Heres some of the sites i use

January 31st, 2010, 11:21 PM
thanks .. the site with the backing tracks will come in handy. I might even load some of them onto the harddisk recorder and make some remixes of my favorite songs :)

However I was in particular interested in open tunings. and most particular old delta blues. I know some of the missipi john hurt songs. but all in standard tuning. have trouble learning exotic tunings and scales without some kind of book or something.

Any one knows some good places to learn slide guitar and old delta blues.

anyway. thanks or the sites. they are all bookmarked. :)