View Full Version : [ubuntu] Audio Mystery! Audio within Firefox won't play--Rebooting always Fixes

January 30th, 2010, 05:37 PM
Audio within Firefox suddenly won't play--Rebooting always Fixes it

After listening to 2 or 3 things (streaming music or videos) within Firefox, suddenly no audio will play within Firefox. The video still plays, but there is no sound.

I always look at the Pulseaudio "Device Choser" "Volume Control" and it's listed... but won't play. Meanwhile, hovering over an MP3 file on my desktop DOES play audio...

The ONLY thing I've found that will fix this... is to reboot. And rebooting fixes it every time!

NOTE: I even installed Mint to try to fix this. The same thing happens whether using Mint 8 OR Ubuntu 9.10...