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January 29th, 2010, 12:37 PM
Dear Linux users.
I have come to the conclusion that to be able to convert as many people as possible we have to have a strong leader like me. Some one that can give great peptalks and looks good on camera.

I demand maximized performance! And maximized performance can ONLY be reached by hard work and utter concentration! And there shall no subhuman¹ in the linux recruitment team show me anything else than his best performance!! And it is the ONLY thing I demand of you.
I want no weaklings in my team! Weaklings can go NOW! I demand maximum performance!

1: a nice way to cursing innit?

Who votes for me for the next spoke person of linux?
Do you think you are better?

I will only squander half of the sponsor's money on personal vanity and the other half on travel expenses for the missionaries (which will have to pay for their own hotels and such as I already rightfully squandered it on something like a satellite tv in my new car or gold as a spice on my food).

Who is with me?
hip-hip-hurray long live the linux converting squad leader Bölvağur!!