View Full Version : [all variants] Different input devices to different screens..?

January 27th, 2010, 07:58 PM
Hi there all happy ubuntu users! :)

I have runned into some multiseat configurations that looks really cool!, But unfortunaly the glx support seems to be VERY limited for a real multiseat (xephyr) (2 or more users at the same time)
so that kind of made it worthless for my setup I'm trying to reach.. but the thing is, I really don't need to have 2 different users running on the same time!, What I'm looking for is some solution to have one keyboard and mouse to the first screen and another setup of keyboard/mouse on the second screen (separate veiw, on an nvidia card) the computer is pretty high end and runs 2 world of warcraft flawless, so that's no problem, The problem is that I have extremly limited space where I live, so I really just want one computer and 2 setups of screens/keyboard/mouse. but me and my girlfriend can't play this way just becouse the thing: Each keyboard/mouse controls both screens at the same time..

Is it possible to lock the different keyboard/mouse to each screen, or the only solution is through xephyr?, As I said before, I don't need 2 different users running at the same time..

And yeah, Of course, It's ONE gfxboard in the machine with dual head, with 2 cards I guess I could have started 2 xorg sessions (wich witch also had been a solution..) without any trouble (I guess anyway, Never tried though..)

Is this achievable through x-org conf or any programs? or I'm completly doomed to buy a new motherboard with 2 pci-x slots and one more gfx board?