View Full Version : [ubuntu] installation problems (freezing)

January 27th, 2010, 06:02 AM
Trying to install 9.10 on an Ibook G4

I have been trying to install 9.10 for a few days now but have had no luck.

First, the only boot command that seems to work is "live video=ofonly" If I use any other command it will load up and split the screen only showing the live desktop in the left 20% of the screen. So thats a no go

Second, when I boot up with "live video=ofonly" I have varied results. I almost always can play around with the interface running from the disk but when I click install icon the problems begin.

Sometime I never make it past the language question before it freezes and other I make it as far as step 6. The last 5 times, it has frozen on step 1. I have never even reached one percent on the progress bar with out it freezing.

Thinking maybe it was a slow process I have let it sit for hours on end after the "freeze" and eventually the install window goes away and the install icon is removed from the desktop, but nothing acutally worked. I am still running from the CD and if I restart it, it always boots back to the Mac OS.

So if anyone could help me I would me that would be great.

I understand that there is an alternative boot CD for powerpc that may work for me. Unfortunately I am living in a 3rd world country and my current internet connection is averaging 14kbps. So downloading the alternative ISO is an option, but it may take a few weeks to get a hold of it.

last but not least, I am very much a linux beginer and only so so with all around computer knowledge, so keep that in mind with your responces please (meaing... dumb it down for me )