View Full Version : [ubuntu] Autoconfiguring dual monitors on Ubuntu

January 25th, 2010, 03:56 PM
On Windows I used to use a utility called Ultramon that would allow for very granular control over multiple displays, including the saving a profiles, and the ability to easily indicate which display was primary, and which secondary. On Ubuntu I've used grandr and also lxrandr, as well as the built in display app, but not been able to do what Ultramon does.

I just found a great script that accomplishes what I need on my Lenovo X61 which is attached to an external 24" LCD. Basically I was looking for a way to make my external LCD primary and my builtin Lenovo screen be secondary, and have the panels moved accordingly (only on the primary). The script detail here does the trick:


BTW, it says nVidia only, but my machine has an Intel GM965 and it works.