View Full Version : [ubuntu] Games and Starforce, never restart when it needs to complete installation. Help!

January 23rd, 2010, 06:19 PM
Hello, I am new here and I am also new to this Ubuntu OS thing, so if I am putting this topic on the wrong place I'm sorry.

But lets cut to the chase, I installed Ubuntu on my laptop today just to make me able to play my old games again (Starforce + Vista is a big No No!) so I installed Wine and my game and so far everything went okay till I had to restart my computer with Starforce (of course -_-), I pressed “YES” to restart but nothing happened. I tried restart manually but even after that it says: “You must reboot the computer to complete the installation of the “Focus” protection drivers.” I press “Yes” countless of times and wait but it never restarts on its own, sigh.

Have this ever happened to you or can you help, please do and thanks! :P