View Full Version : [ubuntu] Amarok2-Several problems-How do I remove a Pos.Mark? Any way to read metadata lyrics?

January 22nd, 2010, 04:42 PM
Hello there.

I'm trying to use Amarok 2.2 under Ubuntu because the sound of xine is great (not better than Audacious, but Audacious is very limited).

However I encountered several problems. The ones most notable are:

>Cannot seek on flac files
>At end of a flac sound, the next on playlist doesn't play
>Pause button restarts the music, doesn't pause at all (space on kb also)
>Couldn't figure out how to remove a Position Mark
>Sometimes, the local collection sub items doesn't uncollapse
>Sometimes, the local collection has only one uncollapsible sub item

Also, I have several songs (more than a thousand) which has lyrics (non-synced) embedded on metadata and some players can read'em, for example, Songbird and iTunes.
Is there a way to make Amarok read them?

If there's a better player (xine or better) that works well and do what I want, please lemme know!

Songbird has nice features and is neat stuff, however, it uses gstreamer, and it's sound is very bad (i have a mid-end 2.1 system). Why the dev guys doesn't use xine instead? Can't understand... they'll never kick-***** with a poor sound. IMO Audacious (which is very simple) kicks Songbird's ***, just because it has amazing sound. On Songbird, my mid-end 2.1 sounds like a broken low-end, the 8" sub sounds worse than a 5" one.

Thanks and sorry my english.