View Full Version : [all variants] TV Tuner options - advice wanted

January 22nd, 2010, 12:08 AM
I'd like to add a TV tuner to my Ubuntu Karmic system, and I'm wondering what my best options are. I realize that there are already quite a few TV-Tuner-related threads here, but I'd benefit more from a list of working tuners than broken tuners.

I'll start with some questions (sorry, my knowledge of TVs is fairly low and my knowledge of TV tuners hardware is even lower):

Analog tuner or digital tuner? What difference does it make? I'm living in one of those countries that no longer broadcasts in analog. Does this mean that I would need a Digital Converter box if I went with an analog TV tuner? I'm not planning on using this card for cable/satellite; I just have a digital antenna.

Does Hauppauge make any digital tuners that work well with Linux? Am I better off buying an older, analog tuner and a conversion box?

Here's my ideal outcome, hopefully someone here can help me get to it:

- Ubuntu Karmic 64-bit
- Myth TV
- A TV tuner (PCI or PCI-Express are both fine) that I can use to watch or record TV. I want it to require minimal setup (downloading drivers is okay, compiling a kernel is not), and I'd like it to cost less than $60 (used/refurb on eBay is fine).
- A remote control wouldn't hurt, but I can probably add that after the fact, right?

If someone could answer these questions and recommend a tuner, that would be awesome. Even if you just have a good link to more information, that would be great, as my Google searches are leading to a lot of information overload and not many answers.