View Full Version : [ubuntu] how to add users to groups with ldap

January 21st, 2010, 02:20 AM
Could someone please point me to some information on how to add existing users to existing groups in an openldap environment? Every tutorial I've come across assumes you know what you're doing, and frankly I don't. I got ldap working more by luck than skill. So far I've created the following ldif file:

dn: cn=johnstones,ou=Groups,dc=newcrossroads,dc=net
changetype: modify
add: uniquemember
uniquemember: cn=jess

And I'm running this command with this output:

robert:~# ldapmodify -x -D cn=admin,dc=newcrossroads,dc=net -W -f /var/tmp/adduser.ldif
Enter LDAP Password:
modifying entry "cn=johnstones,ou=Groups,dc=newcrossroads,dc=net"
ldap_modify: Object class violation (65)
additional info: attribute 'uniqueMember' not allowed

I've tried using "member" instead of "uniqumember". Can anybody help? I've been fighting with this thing for three days.