View Full Version : [other] I'm searching for an app that can reproduce my sound effects using pulseaudio with kb

January 21st, 2010, 01:12 AM
Hello there.

I have some song effects here and i'm looking for an app that can reproduce them on pulseaudio, simultaneously, and with keyboard shortcuts.

For example, when i press "t", i want the tree breaking sound to play, when i press "c", the car burnout sound should play, even if the tree song still playing it should begin to play the car sound simultaneously. :)

I know it sounds strange... another example is an app to play drums using the keyboard, so i could map the keys to play drums songs when i press them.

Songbird has a good addon that calls samplerbox, it does what i want, except for playing songs simultaneously and keyboard shortcuts (it has gui buttons).

Thanks in advance.