View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu installation fail, bios cmos?

January 20th, 2010, 05:08 PM
I installed Ubuntu 7.10 on my desktop a month ago before I left my apartment for winter break. It worked beautifully for the week I used it, but now the computer won't boot. I'm using the ubuntu live cd right now to type this. I can't install it over my last hdd because apparently both of my hdds aren't bootable. I unplugged the computer for the month I was gone and the BIOS date reset to 2004. I'm not sure if that affected anything, whether I need to replace the CMOS battery? The computer was built in 2004 so I'm thinking the battery might be old. Basically the computer functions on the live cd, just won't boot from either hdd. HELP please.

THANKS! in advance. I've used this forum before and I have to say you guys are ridiculously knowledgeable.

January 20th, 2010, 05:40 PM
Well, This is hard to say, Obviously your batter does need to be changed, but I doubt this is the issue. But we will get you figured out. In your bios or even whilst trying to re install ubuntu, does it show that it recognizes your hard drives? Everything else seems fine, otherwise you wouldn't be able to boot with the live cd.:D

January 20th, 2010, 05:54 PM
I can see my hdd's but it says they're not bootable so it won't install. I can access files on the hdd through the live cd. I would gladly transfer the files to my external and reformat the hd, but since I have 2 hard drives, one with ubuntu, the other with windows, both of which used to boot when I switched boot priority in the bios, I'm not sure a reinstallation would change anything. Both were working before, its weird both all of a sudden crapped out, especially if I can get files from them. If I do need to change the cmos battery, how do I get a replacement? Radioshack? or is it more specific. My friend said I can pop it out for a little but, or even leave the pc on with it in all day to try and charge it. WWUFD?
(what would ubuntu forum do)