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January 19th, 2010, 02:30 PM
I'm going out of my mind for the last two days searching through countless posts all referencing the same helpless information, about editing the panel menu & creating a custom menu for the panel in gnome

So far I have :

A custom top level menu

The Administration & Preferences sub menus in this menu

these subs' I created by searching for and then editing the config files for those menus(.menu,.desktop,.directory)

a pretty good idea how to write a custom menu file

!Now! my top-level menu layout is described by a settings.menu file in ~/.config/menus.
The breakdown of this .menu file is that it references .desktop files For launching the apps; and .directory files for describing the layout of sub menus.

My menu is nearly finished, except I cant find the "Recent documents and Bookmarks"
Which Live in the Places section of the,

:Applications:Places:System: panel Menu bar,

What i want to know is where i can find the "Recent documents and Bookmarks" config files?, and how to apply these entries, in my menu/?

If anyone is looking for some help setting up a menu, ill be glad to share some experience, I already have libslab0 and it is ok, The one I'm working on takes up less space.

Cheers, The screenshot show where im up to

I cant wait to get this up and running my panel is a mess at the moment with all the extra launchers ive got there while I'm trying to sort this out..

January 21st, 2010, 10:41 AM