View Full Version : [ubuntu] HDMI Video Problems

January 17th, 2010, 03:46 AM
OK, So i am BRAND NEW to linux/ubuntu....

I am trying to get ubuntu 9.1 working on my MSI media live so i can take advantage of hardware acceleration in XBMC.

My problem is that i try to output HDMI and nothing comes up. Some of the time i have the bios up until the ubuntu glowing logo, then nothing.

It is the NVIDIA 6150 LE.

I have tried all the available drivers and the 2 recent beta ones. It seems that it gets worse with the newer drivers.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated

Forgot to mention - works fine over VGA

January 18th, 2010, 02:02 AM
Any Ideas?

January 18th, 2010, 04:10 AM
Frayed knot. I don't own a computer with an HDMI port.