View Full Version : [ubuntu] Remove Ubuntu from windows Vista MBR ( Vista Boot screen)

January 15th, 2010, 08:01 AM
After searching many forums and googling my fingers off I finally came across something that works and it actually came at Microsoft answers.....Though it is not supported it works!

1.Click Start, click All Programs, and click Accessories.
2.Right-click Command Prompt, and select Run as Administrator.
3.Click Continue or provide Administrator credentials as prompted.
4.Type the bolded text and press Enter after each one.

oThis command backs up the BCD Store to your Desktop:


oThis displays the current entries in the BCD Store. Please find the one pertaining to the OS you want to remove from the Boot menu:


oThis command deletes the entry from the BCD Store. Replace {Identifier} with the entry you found in the previous step:

BCDEDIT /DELETE {Identifier} /F

5.Now restart the computer and the boot entry should be successfully removed from the system.

Do this exactly as it says and Ubuntu is gone from your boot up options.

I installed Wubi in my "D" drive and when I used the uninstall it worked but left this option behind and I wrestled a long while to find this and it worked. Now I know how to use Unbuntu it is going on my old laptop.:o