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January 14th, 2010, 10:16 PM

Yesterday, I posted a question about installing MySQL. Phillw (BTW, I have a mocha nearly every morning :D) suggested using tasksel to install LAMP, which would include MySQL. Since this opened a fresh can of worms, I promised to discuss this in a separate thread. This is that thread.

As I mentioned, phillw has opened my eyes in two ways:

Introducing me to tasksel, which I have never heard of.
Introducing me to the LAMP, sort of. I have seen this acronym before, in the context of googgling for MySQL info.

That tasksel seems like a pre-packaged menu, but it provided no exit button; I had to kill [-1] it from another window. It does not appear that I have damaged anything by doing so. In a subsequent run, I inadvertently exited tasksel by selecting the "Manual Install" and found myself back at the shell prompt.

Despite the contents of the man page for tasksel, I am left confused about just what constitutes a "task", though it certainly appears to be an installation. I noted that some items are listed with the letter i, others with u. I'd like to presume that i means installed, though I would scratch my head a bit over what the u stands for. (Uninstalled? That makes no sense!) In any case, it lists PostgreSQL with the u and I know that's installed on my machine.

Next: My questions about LAMP:

What in blazes is the LAMP server? What I found on wikipedia indicates it is a web server package built around (and enhancing) apache.
Considering that I have thus far not installed apache, why would I want this installed? Besides including Apache and MySQL, what other benefits does this confer?
How would this enhance the MySQL experience?

(Anyone who recalls Gilda Radner's character, Rosanne Rosanadana, would, at this point, comment: You ask a lotta questions for somone from Brooklyn.:P)

In any case, I have just found O'Reilly's site, onlamp.com. (LAMP.com sells lighting fixtures, LAMP.org is a ministry in Pennsylvania :shock:) In any case, this page (http://onlamp.com/pub/a/onlamp/2001/01/25/lamp.html) begins to answer my question of what is it. As to why I should want it, the floor is open.

Ears wide open. (Well, eyes, but that does not mean the same thing.)

Thanks much for information about these newly-discovered (to me) creatures.