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January 14th, 2010, 06:03 PM
hello, i am new to this forum and i am need of assistance. I recently bought a toshiba a505 s-6005. it has a core i3 processor, and integrated intel graphics media accelerator 4500hd, 4gb ddr3 ram. i am attempting the wubui installation inside windows 7. the installation is completing successfully every time, but when i try to boot into ubuntu i get to the screen where you choose generic, i click it and then nothing. the screen goes blank. i believe ubuntu is installing correctly because there is sound and i can hear it entering the username screen. is there any insight anyone can give me? thank you!

January 16th, 2010, 07:48 PM
yea, i have the same problem, not sure what's causing it, i installed it for my friend's 32 bit win 7, and it worked fine, not sure if this is due to 64 bit or the graphic driver.....

January 16th, 2010, 10:46 PM
I have a similar problem. I boot up my PC, select Ubuntu, then choose generic, then after the Ubuntu image appears and disappears, the screen goes blank and nothing happens.

It was working fine until this morning. I think what may have caused the problem is that last night I downloaded and installed ATI video drivers (through the software center) in order to get a higher resolution on an external monitor.

If it helps I installed it inside Vista Ultimate 32bit.

I was wondering if there was a way to run Ubuntu in safe graphics mode. There was a terminal command I found somewhere but I couldn't get it to work in safe mode.

January 29th, 2010, 04:29 AM
I have the same issue, both with the graphical installer/live cd and post-installation using the alternate cd.

February 3rd, 2010, 10:01 PM
bump, same issue here any ideas on this?

February 8th, 2010, 07:55 PM
I'm new here as well, but am having the same problem with my Toshiba A505-S6005. The only difference is that I'm doing a clean install, not within windows. Any ideas on this problem yet?

February 10th, 2010, 12:49 AM
Hi I managed to solve this problem on my machine by dropping into the command line and installing the latest driver for my graphics card from there. I posted a guide in another thread:


This is for an ATI graphics card but you might be able to adapt the procedure for your card. Good luck!

Taylor Franklyn
February 19th, 2010, 03:45 AM
sorry to bump this again... I too have the A505-S6005

and this problem....

anyone know where to get the right drivers for the graphics card on this?

October 5th, 2010, 05:57 PM
have the same problem. Dell E6410 with core i5 and integrated intel graphics.

I have found reports of the Wubi Black Screen of Uselessness going back 3 years, surprising that this hasn't been handled by now.