View Full Version : [ubuntu] can I use Karmic backports in Jaunty?

January 12th, 2010, 06:26 AM
Can I safely use Karmic backports in Jaunty? Here's why I ask:

I'm linux-ing my and my sister-in-law's netbooks (Asus 900HA & 1005HAB, respectively). I'd read about people having good luck with Karmic, so I installed on both. Everything works (after some work), except both machines freeze every 20 minutes or so, or else the left-click mouse button (and then the rest of the mouse) stops working. In both instances, I have to reboot.

I've tried suggestions in the forums, but no one seems to have resolved these issues. So I put Eeebuntu 3.0 (base) on both machines. No freezing or mouse problems.

However, the internal mics don't work. My 900HA has very low volume and my Skype callers report intermittent farting noises (it's not me, I swear). On the 1005HAB there is no internal mic at all. Again, I've tried tweaks in both the Ubuntu and Eeebuntu forums, and there has been no real luck.

When I loaded Karmic on these machines, I got the internal mics working well by loading a backport alsamixer module (sorry if the syntax is wrong; I'm just a noob) and tweaking the settings.

My question is: can I load this backport module onto Eeebuntu 3.0, which is based on Jaunty? Would it be fatal, or problematic in any way? Thanks for any help, especially if it can explain "why" in very basic terms.