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January 12th, 2010, 02:04 AM
i have been using mythbuntu 9.10 for a couple months now and really like it. however i want to maximize the hardware i have available and i'm not sure what the best way of doing that is. Currently i have a single backend/frontend setup consisting of the Asus M3A78-EM, AMD athlon64X2 2.7ghz with 4gigs ddr2ram. i am using a Hauppauge winTV1150 for OTA-ATSC capture and playback. after a lot of work i got everything to function almost exaclty the way it should. However, i am looking to upgrade my main desktop PC and am considering using the parts in the mythtvpc for my main computer and using old parts for a mythTVpc. i have availble a p4 2gig with 1gig sdram and a mx420 video card i was thinking of using this as a frontend only setup and have the AMD do the backend work. the p4 didn't quite cut it as a backend/frontend box. would it be worth it to change the video card in the p4 system. it needs to be able to do 720p over VGA or DVI which will be converted to HDMI. if i use the AMD for the backend and let it run in the backgound while using it as a Kubuntu desktop, would it slow it down significantly. i am also thinking about replacing the hauppauge with a silicon dust. the hauppauge picture is just ok. would this work good with the AMD as a backend and the P4 as a frontend? and at the very lest if i could get a recommendation for a good AGP 4x video card it'd be a great help. i already returned a evga 6200 cuz it just wasnt up to the task. but that was in windoze, so i'm not sure how it would have done in Linux.