View Full Version : [ubuntu] TvTime working okay till Karmic

January 10th, 2010, 08:42 PM
I did a reinstall from jaunty to karmic. All the time before (more then 5 years) I have running a Pinnacle TV card type studio (stereo with radio). I haven't had any problems.

Now running karmic, tvtime shows blue screens. If however the "disable signal detection" is switched off, there is noise. I asume that everything is there to function. If I change channel or unplug the cable, the noise is not changing. It looks like the channels are not controlled correctly.

dmesg are showing me the card is running on video0 and vbi0. I assume that vbi0 is used for controlling the card (is that true???).

If I do a jaunty-live-cd, the tv-card functions. It is not hardware related.

What has been changed in karmic that was okay in jaunty? How can I change that?

Please help!