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January 10th, 2010, 07:03 AM
Hello, i need to help with a bash script. in the code bellow. my problem is that what is read into "text7" wont appear further down in the code when it's adding virtuals into the virtual file "echo $firstname.$surname@$text7.local $firstname >> /etc/postfix/virtual" why is this ?? also, how can i make it so that when what the script is going to add someting into the virtual file already exists during the loop it adds someting, so it if where to add "johan.svensson@domain.local" to the virtual file and it exists it adds "1johan.svensson@domain.local" insteed?

echo argument 1 = $1

echo -n "Enter a filename > " >/dev/tty
read text6 </dev/tty

echo -n "What domain is this for ? > " >/dev/tty
read text7 </dev/tty

cat $text6 | sed -e "s/[هن]/a/g" -e "s/[ِ]/o/" | while IFS=';' read firstname surname;

echo adding $firstname $surname
useradd $firstname -m -p Syp9393

echo Creating Maildir in /home/$firstname/
cd /home/$firstname/
maildirmake.courier Maildir

echo Maildir in /home/$firstname/ Created

echo Giving Maildir owner and group rights to $firstname
chown -R $firstname /home/$firstname/Maildir/
chgrp $firstname /home/$firstname/Maildir/

echo adding to aliases
echo $firstname.$surname@$text7.local $firstname >> /etc/postfix/virtual

echo Done, Going for next user


January 12th, 2010, 09:29 PM
anyone that can help? :/