View Full Version : [ubuntu] Strange Wireless Connectivity

January 9th, 2010, 11:56 PM
Searched the forums but wasn't able to find a thread that mirrors the issues I'm having.

I have a home wireless network, 1 wired computer and 2 wireless + my netbook that has ubuntu loaded.

For some reason, the ubuntu machine has "issues" connecting and staying connected to my home network.

My other 2 machines stay connected pretty much forever, unless I tell it to disconnect.

The unbutu machine will connect for about 5 minutes, lose the connect and try to reconnect a few times. It'll then say it connected, but I won't be able to naviage to any websites.

I can correct the problem if I restart the netbook and it'll connect again - for another 5 minutes, then the whole cycle starts again.

Can anyone provide me with some things I may look at?

(keep in mine I'm a linux beginner)