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January 9th, 2010, 07:24 PM
Hi folks
i would like to place my business application(s) software and data on computer #1 and access these applications and data (not just share files) from computer #2 via wired cableing in the same building. There is NO NEED for multiple users or groups to access this system via the net other than ME from computer #2. I also need mail send/receive and internet access for info and business research. I currently have a broadband wired connection and internet access using computer #2 .

I got tired of cheap hardware failures so i purchased a used hpdl360 g3 server which has (3) three wired connection ports, (1) one of which is LiLo. Since i don't know anything about LiLo i prefer not to use it at this time. Computer #2 also has (1) one wired network connection. Other hardware i have available for this setup is a broadband 4 port router and also an older 4 port switch. Although i have this hp server my needs are modest compared to those who typically use servers for industrial applications/web services. Again i purchased it because of the quality and reliability of the hardware.

On the server, computer #1 should i install server or desktop ubuntu or does it make any difference in my case? (since my needs don't require many of the services that come with the sever version i was thinking the desktop version would work, but, since the hardware is actually designed for a commercial server then it might be better to install the version. Either way i will install x to use vfwm etc. So, Should i set this up as a server, with the server version and administer via the intenet by (computer #2 laptop) with something like webadmin or ebox or SSH? My primary concerns is data and application security.

Am i thinking correctly or am i missing something simple ?

I have read read read and, once, i get clear on the general plan i can use the tech data concerning installation of either desktop or server, post config and security concerns listed in the manuals.

thanks in advance.