View Full Version : [ubuntu] Radio DJ Software for Ubuntu

January 9th, 2010, 06:58 PM
Hi all!

I'm thinking of taking to the Internet Radio station, JukeBox Radio (it's licensed and legal, don't worry :P), but I don't know of anything that I can use!

No DJs on the station use Linux, it's Windows or Mac. Mac users use NiceCast, and Windows users use SAM Broadcaster. Neither of these have Linux versions, so I don't know where to go now!

I'd need it to either be able to take the sound from Rythmbox/Boxee/Totem or import mp3 tracks to the client. I won't need a server program either. Oh and I'll need to be able to play 2 or more things at once, so jingles/sound effects and the song at the same time. Finally, I don't want to have to pre-record, I want to be able to record and stream my voice on-the-fly (a couple second delay is fine, however) and be able to speak/play jingles/sound effects/music simultaneously. For example:

"This is your JukeBox Radio <station promo jingle> <song> <station jingle 02> That was <artist> with <song name>"