View Full Version : [ubuntu] Trying again to get help for wireless connection difficulty

January 9th, 2010, 04:52 PM
I apologize if I am not submitting this concern correctly, or if I should be submitting it in another place as I already created this thread a few days ago and added to it again but I'm not sure that I did the other in the right way. Someone did respond but I wasn't able to get headway on this problem. I've not been able to connect to the internet on my computer for three weeks now. Here's what's going on. I can see the wireless connection when I go to network manager, but when I right click on the connect button, nothing drops down that allows me to put in a password and encryption though the message says that I need to encrypt. The Help directions also say to just enter the password and name but again, there is no place to put it. When I go to preferences to encryption and keyrings, I have no idea what to put where if that is the right place.

I have tried to follow most of the posts and threads about wireless connection problems and the pages on the instruction manuals and am still at a loss. A friend had installed ubuntu after I was unable to do it but he has left town so I need to learn this system.
Am obviously a newbie and if someone could give me step by step directions, that would be great.