View Full Version : [ubuntu] Network barred?

January 9th, 2010, 10:36 AM
I have a fresh install of 9.10, with b43 wifi drivers as the dell card doesn't work straight out of the box (dell d430). I can connect to my own wifi network and my neighbours (i am their tech support obviously) all fine.

Problem comes when I hibernate my machine. It seems this goes hideously wrong - a separate issue which has been flagged - but the upshot on recovery seems to be that the wifi network i was logged into is somehow barred. I then have to go into the "Edit Connection" dialog and delete, then rebuild or reconnect to my network, or switch to my neighbours. Obviously this is tedious!

I remember in Windows there was a sort of barred networks list (cant remember the exact name now) - but basically if you had too many errors or the user clicked the wrong option, that wifi network would get put in the "naughty" list and not selected - you then had to go into this list and remove it before they could reconnect to their network -- is there an ubuntu equivalent that I cannot find???

Any ideas, help would be appreciated!

(If you need any extra technical info please tell me which commands to type! -- while i've done bash & gawk scripting professionally for 10 years, and had ubuntu running at home for 2, i'm still not up to speed on all the little commands to list types of device and setup etc...)