View Full Version : [kde] custom launcher for plasma

January 8th, 2010, 07:02 AM
So weird it doesn't exist yet but anyway... i'm trying to find it or another way to create one i want to try this but i'm worried it might change some system preferences and such..

So i installed Emesene 1.6, but there is no other launcher other than navigating to it's folder and launching the file. So when i checked in 'recent documents' the file is there and i can add it to the plasma panel, however it launches as a text document. So i checked it's properties and i can change the way it's handled by making it a *.py and specifying 'python' as type of document... but will this change text files system wide or just that specific file?

Or if anybody has a way of creating either a desktop launcher or something better please let me know.