View Full Version : [gnome] about panel placement and usage

January 7th, 2010, 02:44 PM
hey everyone,
as even simplest options for gnome desktop are nice, I've been using it that way. My monitor is 22" wide so i tend to use the panels as columns on the left hand side of the screen.I place the top panel at the leftmost and the bottom panel next to it. But whenever the system restarts, the bottom panel is on the leftmost and top panel is next to it. so i have to switch places whenever i reboot.Anyway this was my first little problem. But the second one is more interesting and lacks the solution. When i use the bottom panel as a column, its using only like the first 250 pixels of the field thats for displaying program tabs.I better give you a screen-shot.
Its so amazing the level of customizability on linux. So i guess if we can solve this one little problem of mine, it will be another impressive step towards perfection. Cause i also think that there maybe already a well known solution to both of my questions.
Nice day everyone