View Full Version : [ubuntu] Unstable wifi Connection

January 6th, 2010, 12:42 PM
I have been having issues with my wireless g connectivity. I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 with a BCM4311 wireless card. I am using the proprietary driver from Broadcom Corp. At some point I tried another BCM43XX General driver but received the same results from it.

What has been happening is sporadic in that this only occurs on random occasion but still occurs about 60% of the time I am on my laptop. I can connect to my network but very soon after I do I will either disconnect, or stay connected and loose all internet capabilities including access to the router. In order to regain access I have to either reset my wireless card on my computer or reset the router. In either case the chances of reconnecting properly is low.

The router performs perfectly with a Windows 7 Dell Studio 1737, a Vista HP tower with a pci wireless card and an iTouch. The card worked fine under vista on the same computer and same hardware configuration (Except replaced hard drive).

A few days ago I attempted configuring ndiswrapper to run my drivers but ran into issues with that.

Remember that this issue is sporadic and about 40% of the time (mostly in the evening and afternoon but not late night 1am-4am) the card and setup works fine. Also wired connection works fine.

Thanks for all help.