View Full Version : [ubuntu] can not connect to VPN

January 5th, 2010, 03:33 PM
i'm using ubuntu 9.10 and i want to connect to a vpn network which i should use to browse internet.
but i don't know how i can do this.
i tried vpn connection from above menu of ubnutu but it didn't worked.
i should connect to lan or wireless and then use a vpn to browse internet.
i have username and password and i should connect to isp.um.ac.ir
i dont know anymore information about which type of vpn is that.
but i should use L2TP when i use a software to connect to vpn in windows and i can use a program called ibsngdialer or i can create a new vpn connection in windows 7.
but i dont know how i can connect to this vpn in ubuntu 9.10
i'm noob so please tell me exactly what i should do.

January 5th, 2010, 04:24 PM
Im in Kinda the same boat. i have the ip address, username and password to the vpn im tryin to conect to. But im finding it impossible. ive been tryin all sorts that ive picked up from this forum and others.

Dont ask me how but I've managed to connect to the vpn now... but when i do it's as if my connection freezes, i cant load emails or open web pages.

I'm very new to linux and ubuntu so as you can imagine totally lost.

Thanks for any help any1 might have!