View Full Version : [kubuntu] Smart boot manager installation under kubuntu

January 5th, 2010, 09:56 AM
I have installed kubuntu and WinXP and Vista versions in the order as given.
After Vista installation, I wanted to have "Smart Boot Manager" menu so that I can have all the 3 OSs during booting.
I boot into kubuntu live CD and went into a terminal and installed grub into the kubuntu partition.
Now I believe that if I install sbm, I should have the boot menu.
From the kubuntu live CD, I downloaded sbm files from sourceforge.net and did do "make" command as per the user guide. The execution went smoothly.
Now as per the guide, I should execute the sbminst command so that the sbm menu will be installed into harddisk. (I have only one HDD).
Now, from the live CD, I am not able to execute sbminst command.
I tried "sbminst -t us -d /dev/hda -b sbm-bak.dat" from the shell.
I tried with ./ before and sudo also.
Kubuntu is not accepting them.
I know I am giving the command in a wrong way.
Can Someone enlighten me.
It could be silly.

R Balaji