View Full Version : [kubuntu] amsn router problem

January 5th, 2010, 06:15 AM
I tried to register on the amsn forum but after 5-6 times i gave up so i hope somebody here can help me with these weird problems..

Port forwarding works on cable connected machine but not on laptop which is wireless. Here's the setup

D-link is the gateway router and ports are forwarded
Linksys is the dd-wrt wireless repeater bridge with cable connected and wireless machines

so, seeing as one machine on the linksys works and another doesn't my conclusion was that it is a problem on the wireless laptop. I've disabled the firewall in vista and still i get the dreaded 'you are behind a router/firewall. I have also booted the laptop into linux where there is no firewall and still amsn detects i am firewalled... and it wouldn't bother me except for the fact that filetransfer and webcam will not work at all.

I am also having a crash whenever running the config tool. At first stage my cam is detected no problem, then i go through the audio section with no problem, then it tries to detect my cam again and crashed. this is only in vista with the farsight extension loaded. This extension is not loaded in linux and the cam configures fine.