View Full Version : [ubuntu] tunnel vpn

January 4th, 2010, 12:54 PM
i've made a tunnel vpn between 2 laptops.each laptop is in a network. the first one has the address and he has the private address given when the tunnel is established. the second laptop which is consider the server vpn has the adress and it is a static address because it is in a private network this private network is connected to another network is the other side so that we have a laptop with eth0 and eth1
now we want that the first laptop with the adress (has also the adress needed for the tunnel) ping a laptop in the network
for this i added in this laptop (adress but also which is not visible in ifconfig but is built when we start the tunnel)
# sudo route add -net network gw
but it doesnt work
please help me
ps : sorry for my english