View Full Version : [ubuntu] Cherokee web server with SSL and PHP 5

January 4th, 2010, 10:27 AM
I am new to Ubuntu and am looking to install a simple web server with SSL and PHP on Ubuntu desktop and go from there. In addition I'd like for the installation to automatically get installed with updates or at least notify when they've been downloaded and then give me a simple mechanism to allow the updates.

I gather that 'sudo apt-get install' is the primary vehicle to do this right? I was thinking of trying to get hold of Cherokee Web server this way but will it install SSL? Also, how would I then install PHP5 to Cherokee?

I know there are other small web servers such as Lighttpd (which I've read suffers like a sieve from memory leaks) and nGinx but Cherokee seems to be a lot easier to configure from what I'm reading. That said I'd consider Lighttpd if it is easier to install and configure.

Finally is there a reference somewhere on how to install a web server for newbies that uses something like Cherokee or Lighttpd?