View Full Version : [ubuntu] Karmic Koala visible from XP - XP not visible from KK

January 3rd, 2010, 09:12 PM
I have rescued an old Gateway laptop and have installed Karmic Koala. It can connect with some difficulty via wireless to my cable modem and router with some almost magical sudo commands. It works but is not pretty. I can see the Ubuntu laptop shares from my XP desktop which is connected to the same cable modem connection but by an ethernet cable. The problem is that I cannot see the XP machine from my Ubuntu laptop. How do I fix that? I like to have backup copies of the various websites that I have. I can move things back and forth from the XP but would like the same flexibility from the laptop. Any suggestions?

January 6th, 2010, 07:48 AM
The file sharing can be done by using the following steps

1) Goto places in the drop down menu of the ubuntu desktop
2) In that you will notice connect to server
3) click on connect to server and a new window will open. In the window click on service type and in the drop down click windows share. Give the details of the windows server and click ok.

Now it will connect to the windows share