View Full Version : [ubuntu] Keeping a game running while swithing users

January 2nd, 2010, 09:59 PM

Not sure if this is in the right section but here goes.

At the moment to get the best out of the game im logging into a seprate user account (x server) and switching between the 2 using the ctrl, alt, F* keys. It works great as i can run the game in full screen without problems.

The game is wow and using wine to run it, wow needs a active connections to the net otherwise it will disconnect you.
But when i switch back to my defualt xserver for about 2-3 mins and then switch back to the game i find myself disconnected.

I can see using top that wow.exe is still using some cpu time, i think its just killing the network connection
Is there anyway to keep the connection or process active while in another session.?