View Full Version : [ubuntu] Problem starting gvim

January 2nd, 2010, 07:46 PM
Hi all,

I switched to Ubuntu 9.10 recently and i'm struggling to use gvim on my system. I installed gvim from Ubuntu 9.10 and when i'm trying to start gvim, i'm getting an error

"*** buffer overflow detected ***: gvim terminated"

It shows big call stack after that. I searched in google and got some information about compiling with other options. I did that too but still no use from that. I think i'm not doing it a right way.

I tried to install it with "AAP" which is mentioned in gvim website, but this also lead me to the same problem. I really want to install and use gvim, as i'm soo used to it. Editing with other editors is soo painful.

Please help me with installation procedure of gvim. can you please send the commands to install it properly as i'm new to linux environment.

Thanks in advance.