View Full Version : [ubuntu] Triple Boot before Win7 Upgrade

January 2nd, 2010, 03:50 PM
Hi there!

I just received my new laptop (Lenovo T500) and it came with Vista and a free Upgrade option which I ordered already.
I would like to install Ubuntu 9.10 and Fedora 12 besides Win7. Here are my questions:

1. Can I install Ubuntu and Fedora before I upgrade to Win7 (it will be shipped within 1-2 weeks) or should I rather wait?

2. I would like to have 4 partitions: one for each OS and one for file storage. Its a 160GB hard drive, what partition sizes would you reccommend?

3. In which order should I install the OS's and how do I do that exatly. (My experiences: I have only installed Ubuntu once as the only OS and later added WinXP.)