View Full Version : [ubuntu] Why does a Ship-it disc and an .iso not have the same install scripts?

January 2nd, 2010, 07:53 AM
Hi All,

Just curious about something... My computer is without doubt now well beyond its use by date and needs to be replaced without question. But until I have the money to afford it in these troubled times I'm stuck with it! This means that the architecture of the computer won't take ADSL or Broadband leaving me to use Dial Up as my only alternative. This restricts my Upgrades tremendously even though I have had at times eight or nine hours continuous use from one connection.

Until lately I used to request a disc from Ship-it but found that while my update manager knew there was software on the disc it wouldn't load it. I would get the usual notification that there was new software and did i wish to load it. However, whenever I clicked yes it would say that it couldn't find the Autorun.inf... so the only way to upgrade was to stuff the disc in the cd rom and re boot after backing up all my files. Alas, my disc now has so many files these days that this has become impossible... literally terabytes of stuff! So the only way to Upgrade and keep it is via the Update Manager.

Since Ship-it decided not to grant me any further upgrades, I was forced with the choice of downloading an .iso or buying one from a company on the internet. I decided to try and download! With the help of Firefox and an add-on called "Down Them All", I managed with controlled usage (Pause and redial) to obtain first 8.10 then 9.04 Iso's. At roughly 5kb/s it took three days to complete each download. Each disc was also recognised by the download manager as new software, but in this case it decided to proceed with the upgrade after I clicked on the script.

To My Query... if you can boot from a Ship-it disc and from an .iso you have downloaded and the same is possible from the upgrade manager (when it can find the Autorun.inf) why aren't all discs the same... i.e All with an upgraderun script instead of the Autorun.inf? Both do the same job!