View Full Version : Wireless users + latency

January 1st, 2010, 06:53 PM
Main question: How can I tell who is using our home wireless network? (i.e., what programs can find this info?) Can this cause latency for a wireless user but not the wired one?

Details: My Ubuntu 9.04 is actually working just fine here, it's my fiancee's Mac that is a little troublesome, but I have a feeling that's the network layout rather than an OS issue, perhaps.

My Ubuntu Desktop is connected directly to the modem and ethernet line from the DSL at the phone jack, which is in turn connected to the wireless router, and my fiancee's iMac is connected to the internet via that wireless network created here at home. We have WPA2 Personal security with a long (14-character) WPA shared key, so I'm feeling that's fairly secure, but please let me know if we should change that.

In the past 24 hours or so, my fiancee has noticed considerable lag while playing World of Warcraft (upwards of 700-1000) whereas I'm just fine, sitting at around 140 latency at the exact same time. I'm curious if this may be an issue of where she's sitting at the network, in which case I'll call the router company and ask if they can help (doubtful they'll be open today), but my fiancee was wondering if there is a way to tell who is on our wireless network. I have the router set up to allow no more than 4 DHCPs at a time (both our computers, PS3, and my netbook) but I want to maybe restrict the use by certain MACs only if she's really concerned about this.

How can I tell who's on our network? Could this be the issue? How can I find out our MACs to restrict access, just in case?

Thank you, and Happy New Year!