View Full Version : [ubuntu] U9.04 USB 1 GB install help

December 31st, 2009, 06:25 PM
I'm trying to do a 1 GB USB Ubuntu : http://www.pendrivelinux.com/usb-ubuntu-704-persistent-install/

but the old release Ubuntu 7.04 CD won't install syslinux mtools after the instructions . . .

13. Back at the terminal, type sudo apt-get install syslinux mtools

- many errors (unable to fetch archives etc.) and with suggested --fix-missing added while it did ask for verification y/N - and looked hopeful - it still could not fetch a couple archive files and failed install.


(1) any way to get mtools syslinux archive for a Ubuntu 7.04

- or -

(2) just how do I do the torrent download iso for the Ubuntu 9.04 (in Windows or Linux Fedora) as stated at :

1. Download the Ubuntu 9.04 torrent (done in Fedora 11 Live USB (8GB),
then proceed to download the ISO using your favorite torrent client and finally, burn the ISO to a CD.

9.04 iso.torrent to 9.04 .iso crashes in Fedora - Windows I am not even gonna try -


As an update the iso.torrent to .iso step is working using Ubuntu 7.04 booted off a CD on another university computer . . .
Gosh, at least in this one instance Fedora F11 Live was a disappointment compared to the Ubuntu7.04 CD in that regards . . .

So Ubuntu on a 1GB USB seems possible for me - using Ubuntu 7.04 indirectly for the iso.torrent utility to get a U9.04 USB -
(I desired 1 GB USB for diskless LAN boot client to rescue files off a laptop - dhcp server will be with Fedora 11 8GB USB).

Any suggestions and criticism welcome.

Thank you.