View Full Version : [ubuntu] Un-installing failed 9.10 (Windows version) installation

December 31st, 2009, 03:49 PM
I have been rolling over to Ubuntu 9.10, gradually. However, I have hit a number of snags at critical points on two machines. In this instance it is installing on a spare PC we use like a server and central data storage. It currently runs Windows Vista 64-bit Home Prem.

It has 3 hard drives:
1 for OS and apps - 300G, slot 2
1 for Documents, partitioned in to 7 - 700G, slot 1
1 for backup of everything - 1Tb, slot 0

I had created a partition of c100G on the 300G HD for Ubuntu and labeled it L for Linux

I tried to load the 9.10 using the install from the CD posted to me, but found it wanted to install where I did not want it. I tried to change the drive , but it then gave me complex options for drive locations, so I backed out.

I then tried my trusty downloaded version of the Windows install, as I had done on the other machines. It installed in the C drive with my Vista and would not start properly, so I have tried to re-install again from the Windows install version, but it asks for the old to be removed, which I try but it fails, saying that it can't find >>stdout=

So I can't install, and I can't remove...

How do I clean out the failed Ubuntu install so I can start over again...?

January 21st, 2010, 08:52 AM
Does any one know how to resolve this, please???? AM I abandoned?