View Full Version : [ubuntu] netdump make error

December 30th, 2009, 07:45 PM
Has anyone seen this error when trying to install netdump. Actually working on a homework assignment and all it says is to download netdump.tar - tar xvf netdump.tar and make. Well that is fine and dandy I can do that, however I get the following when I run make:
gcc -c ./netdump.c
./netdump.c:27: error: conflicting types for bpf_dump
/usr/include/pcap/pcap.h:342: note: previous declaration of bpf_dump was here
make: *** [netdump.o] Error 1

Can anyone give me some insite to this issue. I have encountered this very same issue in Ubuntu and Fedora not sure where to go from here.